"Most Trusted Pediatric Super Specialty Hospital of South Gujarat"


What is so Special About Us
> Headed by Dr. Sachin A. Shah as Chief Neonatologist with very wide experience of Neonatal ICU of over 12 years.
> Team of experienced Associate Neonatologist, Fellow Neonatologist and paramedics staff.
> Experts in Managing ELBW preterm babies with Intact Survival
> Pioneers in Use of High Frequency Ventilators in South Gujarat.
> More than 85% survival of complicated patients on ventilator.
> High risk Obstetric Unit for "Inutero Transport" of complicated cases.
> Experts in Non - Invasive Ventilation with minimal rate of morbidity.
> Treated more than 10000 sick babies in last 12 years
> Overall survival in NICU is more than 95%
> Intact survival of 28 weeks (1 kg preterm) babies in near 90%
> High Frequency Ventilator, Advanced CPAP machines, INO & Brain Cooling facilities.
> Most Cost Effective Advanced NICU in Private Setup.
> No Compromise in Quality of Care with Affordable treatment.
> Sources of Funding for Poor & Needy patients.

"Healthy Child is the Best Promise to the Future" - Dr. Chetan B. Shah